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FAQs - at SLB Printing in Los Angeles

FAQs – Ordering with SLB Printing

Need extra help? Let’s answer some of our customers’ most commonly asked questions with some of our FAQs below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for and want to talk to a real person, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us at (310) 558-4752 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Where can I get information on file preparation?
A: Artwork is to be saved to final size with a 1/8″ bleed and cut marks in the corners in a high resolution PDF in CMYK.

For large format printing: files are to be saved to final size in a high resolution PDF in CMYK.

Page order for booklets: cover, inside left, inside right and so on just like the book will open.

Check out our website under the How To Order tab for more details.

Q: Do you have templates to help me correctly design my artwork?
A: Templates are available on our website in the header. Our Design Templates page has a list of currently available templates.

Q: Will you match a sample print I provide and/or color match?
A: There is no guarantee that your finished product will 100% match your printed sample. This is due to the widely varying results from different output devices including inkjet and laser printers, printing digitally and offset printers, continuous tone proofing devices, and high-resolution files.  There are other factors that can contribute to color when printing digitally including humidity and air temperature.

Q: What is the difference between RGB and CMYK?
A: RGB (red, green and blue) are used in monitors, TV screens, digital cameras and scanners.
CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) are the primary inks used on the press in 4- color process printing or “full color printing”.

Unfortunately it’s physically impossible for the printing press to exactly reproduce colors as we see them on our monitors.  Monitors are additive color while CMYK color space is subtractive.

We request that you convert your colors from RGB color space to CMYK when submitting final artwork.

Q: What is your phone number and operating hours?
You can call us at (310) 558- 4752 from 9 am – 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. You can email us at any time at 

Q: What resolution should I save my artwork?
A: Artwork should be set at 300 dpi at the final size. Also note that you should save all photos, graphics and artwork in CMYK mode, not RGB mode. Images saved in RGB mode may not print properly.

Q: How do I get an estimate from you?
A: Email your artwork to in PDF format, all the printing instructions, contact information and we will respond to you with a formal estimate.

Q: What is a “PROOF”?
A: A soft proof is sent to you once the estimate has been approved and payment has been received. A SOFT PROOF is a way of ensuring that all of your text is accurate and that everything is positioned according to your requirements. We will produce a digital proof and send it by email to you.  Once that is approved we will proceed to printing your order.

Q: What type of products and services do you provide?
We offer a wide range of products and services that include, digital, large format and offset printing. To see a full listing and description of what we offer please check out our Home Page on our SLB website.

Q: What type of shipping services do you offer?
A: We use FedEx as our standard shipping services. Because prices vary depending on location we have no way to estimate shipping cost. All shipping cost will be added to your final invoice.

Q: What types of paper are available for me to print on for short run digital jobs?
Depending on paper availability and what needs to be printed, our house stocks include various thicknesses of gloss, semi-gloss and an uncoated cardstock or text weight stocks.

Wide Format Printing FAQs:

Q: What types of substrate materials are available for me to print on for wide format jobs?
Depending on availability, our house stocks include semi-gloss or matte poster paper, gloss or matte label, canvas and backlit film.  In addition to the wide format substrates we also carry film laminates in gloss, satin and anti-slip floor laminate for floor graphics.

Production Time:

Q: How long will it take for you to complete my order?
A: Every job is different. Some jobs can be produced in a RUSH while some may take several days to complete. Therefore, let us know when you need your job completed and we’ll let you know if it can be done. We go to great lengths to meet even your most demanding deadlines.

Versatility Honed from Being in the Printing Business for Over 37 Years

It’s been one heck of a year in 2021.  Seems like fighting to stay healthy, fighting to stay in business, fighting to find paper, supplies and replacement parts have all had a role in the SLB Printing versatility story.  That’s the year SLB Printing (along with everyone else in the printing business) has had.  Here’s to looking forward into 2022 with optimism, thankfulness and a healthy staff.

I’ve always said, if I was still only getting calls for the types of jobs I was printing in 1984, I’d be out of business a long time ago.  Experience and versatility really does pay off.  I never chased all the “hot new items” (and maybe that wasn’t always the best decision) but the new machines I did purchase have all proven to be worthwhile investments.

The latest machine proving to be worth the time and investment is our white ink printer.  Not only can it print white ink on dark stocks or clear label material, it can also print a sheet that is 54” long. This press allowed for the explosion in “belly band” job orders that we’ve been called on to do.  I don’t think any of us had ever heard of a “belly band” before this year, but that’s all changed now. Add to that, the dark colored envelopes getting addressed with white ink for the holidays. Seems like dark colored envelopes have become more popular than usual due to supply issues with basic white announcement envelopes.  Suffice it to say the Holiday Season printing jobs just got a whole lot more interesting this year.

Check out the video link below to see our white ink, product packaging sleeve “belly band” printing press in action!

Belly Bands from SLB Printing in Los Angeles

Versatility – All Things Print

Although SLB Printing doesn’t try to be all things print, we do offer a very broad spectrum of products and services.  Sticking true to the old adage “stay in your own lane”, I found out that our lane is pretty wide!  The versatility of jobs we are now producing is pretty impressive if I do say so myself.  It includes wide format printing, digital short run printing for same day jobs, offset printing for higher volume printing. Other services include mail fulfillment, label printing with its own set of options, and let’s not forget trade show and live event print needs. 

So in closing, I just wanted to reach out and say THANKS!  Thank you to all the old clients that have been with us for years. And welcome to all the new clients that have come to appreciate the versatility (with limits) that SLB Printing is known for.

Event Badges in ONE work day!

Laminated Event Badges in ONE work day!

Laminated event badge with slot punch provided by SLB Printing in Los Angeles

It’s been said that SLB Printing is one of the best kept secrets in the printing world. This accolade comes from many different production companies, event planners and trade show organizers.  But, being a “best kept secret” is not something we’re trying to maintain. Let’s face it, we are a retail printing company. Event badges is just one of the items we produce. But lately, the one day turn around for all sorts of badges has grown.

But considering the clientele we work with and the one-on-one personal level of service we provide, I can understand why people at some of the largest production companies in the world use SLB Printing for their event badges printing. We are their little secret! Not to mention the turnaround time! We can do badge printing for events in as little as one work day! This is just one more reason why we boast that “We Print Miracles!” However, the fact is, if you search google for laminated event badges in Los Angeles, SLB Printing shows up pretty high on that list. So I guess the secret is getting out!

Live events are coming back. 

After the 2020 / 2021 year of devastation in the trade show and live event industry, things changed. I’m here to tell you, the volume of custom laminated badges used for convention badge printing that we are currently asked to produce is substantial.  I can say that the current orders continue to grow and are larger than we’ve ever seen, even before the pandemic. Custom lanyards are moving right along with the badge orders too but they do take a little longer to produce. But for those last minute orders, we keep a good supply of black lanyards on hand in both swivel hook and bull dog clip.

I’m proud to say that SLB Printing is a trusted resource for conference badge printing and lanyards. When you are looking for an id badge printing service, you’ve come to the right place. Event planners and trade show organizers producing shows in Los Angeles have us on speed dial! Our ability to be a custom badge printer who can also print plastic badges makes us a versatile choice for your custom conference badges and laminated id badges.

I feel we are becoming the go to source for custom event badges for Los Angeles and all the surrounding communities.  VIP badge printing and custom event name badges are more types of badges that we are asked to produce.  Next to a signed autograph, custom event badges given away to fans is a highly collectible item.  For your laminated badge printing needs we’re the place to go. SLB Printing should know, we make VIP Show Badges by the boatload!

Visit our web page for more information on card stock options, lamination options and more by clicking here. If you need some ideas on how unique a custom event badge can be, check out the images on Google!

Reinventing Ourselves – Once Again!

As I write this, we are 5 months into the Covid-19 pandemic.  What a strange and challenging environment I am now dealing with. So once again, we are reinventing ourselves.  My heart goes out to all the people who have lost loved ones.  SLB Printing has not been spared the tragedy of loss.  One of our employees lost several family members while another had to take time off to care for a loved one who was stricken with this virus.  Several of my own close friends have also lost family members.  I have also seen close person friends battle this and win. 

Being a vital resource to so many different types of businesses, I feel very fortunate that we have been able to keep our doors open and our staff employed and with full-time schedules again.  Printing is considered an essential business by the Local, State and Federal Governments.  SLB Printing is also a mail fulfilment house.  This further solidifies the need and legitimate right to remain open for business.  I am thankful for this!

New Business ~ Lost Business ~ New Products

It is still hard to swallow just how much revenue my business has lost. The effect I’ve seen on sales of what used to be our main stay products for the entertainment and event industry is drastic to be blunt.  However, if there is a silver lining to all of this, it’s in the new product offerings that we are producing.  Things that people never heard of before like floor graphics and social distancing signage have helped to offset the loss of other items like laminated event badges and movie posters.

Adapting to the New Normal is part of Reinventing Ourselves

I’ve said this before, but it’s more true now then ever in my past.  It’s the ability of SLB Printing and it’s staff to adapt and have forward vision that has helped us keep our doors open when so many other printing companies are now gone.  Everyone one of my employees has maintained an amazingly positive attitude.  Believing that things will improve, we are finally beginning to see that now. 

SLB Printing is fortunate to be able to say that we have added several significant new accounts that came to us from wildly diverse industries.  To be able to fulfill so many different new types of jobs is not only fun but rewarding as well.  In addition to that, the best part of this reinvention is that it’s all being done with our existing equipment! Of course, the new types of jobs come with new challenges too.  But this is part of what keeps our work interesting.   It’s also part of the ‘reinventing ourselves again’ topic that I felt the need to share in this blog.  


SLB Printing’s Response to COVID-19

Company Update: COVID-19

Well this is a strange new world and workplace we find ourselves in now.

We want to assure you that SLB Printing is open for business!  We are operating under the guidelines for Essential Businesses with Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers.  Some of the industries we currently support are health clinics with pamphlets and hardware stores and grocery retailers with floor graphics.  A few more new items in big demand are for hand sanitizer manufactures who need product labels and food service providers with signs, product labels, outdoor banners and a whole lot more!

Although the list above seems long and comprehensive, unfortunately it does not keep us busy all day long.  So we have had to reduce the hours our store is open for no other reason then to give our staff more time to help others outside of the office.  However, thanks to the Federal Government Payroll Protection Program, I can say that we are fully staffed and everyone is receiving paychecks for full time work.

Keeping our Staff Safe

Our Incident Response Team is constantly monitoring worldwide health conditions and adjusting our company policies accordingly. Implementing the guidelines provided by The City of Los Angeles and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we’ve rolled out work station social distancing along with sanitation measures and preventative hygiene practices in the entire plant

One of the unfortunate measures we’ve had to take is we are not longer allowing visitors into the store.  Curbside pickup, Fed-Ex shipping or our courier services are how our jobs are getting to you these days.  This also means we are not meeting with clients in the store for any reason.  Requests for sample papers and substrates are being handled in the same manner as our other jobs listed above.

Inventory and Alternative Suppliers

Our business depends on our trusted suppliers for paper, wide format substrates and other supplies. Many of our products have been reliably dual-sourced for years. To use a sporting metaphor, we’ve got a deep bench of resources and suppliers to circumvent any delays or shortages. We still are monitoring supplier status so we can ensure they can continue to meet our material needs.  But due to these uncertain times we are increasing inventory buffers where applicable.

SLB Printing is Open and Helping Our Customers Prepare!

We are expediting the printing of products that can help our clients combat the spread of COVID-19. From indoor and outdoor signage and healthcare labels to compliance communications, floor graphics and more, SLB Printing is poised to do our part in addressing this global health crisis.

COVID-19 Signage from SLB Printing in Los Angeles

best printing services in los angeles

SLB Printing -best printing services in Los Angeles.  Call us today to find out why!

How Social Distancing Floor Decals Are Helping Beat Back the Covid Pandemic

Floor Graphics - stickers and labels from SLB Printing in Los Angeles. For your social distancing needs call SLB Printing today!

Did you know? SLB Printing can make floor graphics! With the circumstances we are now in that require social distancing, custom floor graphics demand is soaring. So, now I feel this blog post is both timely and necessary.  You see, floor graphics are printed on our wide format equipment that also prints our posters, banner and canvases.  They are then laminated with an anti-slip laminate to help prevent falls.  The last step is contour cutting to the final shape. Our large contour cutter can handle material widths of 45” wide. 

I wouldn’t normally think of writing about a sticker that goes on the floor giving you directions.  It’s just never been an item we get called on to produce very often.  Not until this month that is!  So while our wide format presses that used to print posters and canvas every day haven’t seen much of that lately, large labels and floor graphics are now in high demand.  Hence, I’ve now got a floor graphics product page dedicated to this one item and I’m blogging about it just to share a little more information.

With most of the world currently practicing social distancing, many retailers have taken it upon themselves to ensure that this practice is adhered to.  Hardware stores, grocery stores, post offices, and banks are the most common retailers using floor stickers.  Putting the health and safety of their customers and staff first, these ‘essential businesses’ have found unique ways to practice social distancing in and around their stores. For many retailers, social distancing floor decals have become an essential part of today’s new business dynamic. They help to ensure that customers keep their distance from each other.

What is social distancing?

According to the World Economic Forum. “Social distancing is a tool public health officials recommend to slow the spread of a disease that is being passed from person to person. Simply put, it means that people stay far enough away from each other so that the coronavirus – or any pathogen – cannot spread from one person to another. Social distancing also means not touching other people, and that includes handshakes. Physical touch is the most likely way a person will catch the coronavirus and the easiest way to spread it. Remember, keep that 6-foot distance and don’t touch.”  The obvious take away is we need to flatten the curve so we can begin to rid the world of this virus.  Social distancing is our first line of defense to accomplish this goal.

The Instant Appeal for Social Distancing Floor Decals

Along with the current pandemic that we are all trying our best to live through, we now have a whole new set of ideas, phrases and products. One such new product to help implement social distancing that retailers have taken to is a sticker placed on the floor. It’s a simple and effective measure to ensure that their customers stay safe. First seen in markets, hardware and grocery stores, floor graphic stickers have been placed onto floors in aisles and near checkout stands. They work to ensure customers keep the adequate distance from each other and floor arrow stickers help with one way aisle directions. These social distancing floor decals can now be seen in the banking and health care industry, including hospitals along with other essential  retailer businesses and restaurants. 

Floor Graphics - stickers and labels from SLB Printing in Los Angeles. For your social distancing needs call SLB Printing today!

There Can Be More Than What Meets the Eye with Social Distancing Stickers

For many businesses, floor decals have many benefits beyond just being used for social distancing.  Let’s examine a few here:

Advertising to a Captive Audience:

Look at those lines at the supermarkets and banks!  What are all these people looking at?  Well if it’s not their cell phones, it’s THE FLOOR!  List a special product or service like “Have you checked out our new wine selections yet?”


It’s pretty obvious that everyone can use a little help and guidance these days. With this national health crisis, being able to easily see what is correct and useful information is essential, especially when out in public. A social distancing sticker can be placed onto any flat surface, not just the floor so that your customers are visually reminded of the behavior that is expected from them.  With so many new city and state regulations coming out every day, it’s also helpful to display any other newly required behaviors such as the need to ware face masks out in public.

Safe Distancing:

Floor stickers are easily used in store check out lines to ensure that customers stay the required distance from each other. Not to mention they look much more professional than just a piece of blue tape! Everyone should know by now that we are dealing with a highly infectious disease.  People standing to close to one another while in any line can spread infection to one another! So, having custom floor decals that tell people where to stand while waiting to either get into the store or check out is very useful.

We’re All In This Together:

There are many different essential businesses that are open and dealing with the public. But we all share a responsibility to keep our staff and customers safe while visiting our place of business. There are many stressful decisions that we as business owners need to be making now on a daily basis. At the top of that list of decisions is how to keep my staff and customers safe. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Use floor graphics with pictures and directions to help flatten the curve!  I feel safer going into a store that has numerous safe guards in place including floor graphics.  It will show a commitment to the idea that we are all in this together.

A Temporary or Permanent Solution:

No one knows how long this worldwide health crisis can last. This is why we have two adhesive options, removable or aggressive grip.  Once we have gotten past the need for social distancing, floor decals are an excellent temporary tool for any other message you need to share. The removable option can easily be taken off when needed and the permanent can last for up to five years.

Get Your Social Distancing Floor Graphic Stickers Now

No matter what type of retail business you own, SLB Printing can fulfill the need for your social distancing floor stickers. We produce our floor graphics using durable materials, adhesives and laminates.  We can cut custom shaped stickers as well. When looking for something even more unique, our floor decals can be completely customized for your brand.  It’s as easy as providing us with a press ready PDF file and a die line. We’ll take care of the rest.

Show everyone you want to lead by example while encouraging your staff and customers to practice social distancing.  We all want to help flatten the curve. Call SLB Printing today and email over your press ready PDF files so we can help you do your part.

Guide to Choosing the Right Sticker and Label Material

When the call comes in asking us to print stickers we begin by asking a few questions.  If it’s determined that the quantity and turnaround needed is short run and fastest production, we  use our digital short run presses to get the job done. 

The materials we use on these short run presses is what I’d like to talk about today. So let’s start with a list of what’s in stock at our shop. Choosing what label material to use is a very important decision that will lead to a successful label job. That’s why I’ve written this guide to choosing the right sticker material.

Sticker / Label Material We Keep in Stock and Their Most Common Uses:

Vinyl Label choices:

White Vinyl Label – Used for any type of wet application or for longer shelf life of the label.  The label has good image reproduction ability and can easily be contour cut to a custom shape.  This label can be applied directly onto plastic, paper, cardboard or glass surfaces with great results.  We’ve even used this for window lettering applications.

Popular Uses for White Vinyl Label: jar labels, home organization, bumper stickers, window sticker, outdoor usage, marketing materials & sports equipment

Clear Vinyl Label – This product is also used for wet applications or for longer shelf life.  The principal reason to use a clear vinyl instead of the white vinyl is when the product under the label needs to be seen.  This could be a candle, a beverage, oils or glass bottles that contain a product that you want seen.

Popular Uses for Clear Vinyl Label: Jam Containers, Wine Bottles, Candle Jars and Candle Holders, Window/Door Stickers, Health and Beauty Containers, Supplement and nutritional bottles, electronics components, Industrial Labeling and Recreational Equipment

Paper Label Choices:

Cover Up Opaque Semi-Gloss Paper Label – If you have the need to cover up a mistake or outdated information, this material will do the job.  Keep in mind that this is a paper label material so if it will be getting wet a laminate will help it last longer but overall, moisture can seep into the edges.

Popular Uses for Opaque Cover UP Semi-Gloss Labels: Product Identification, CD and DVD’s, Bar codes, Shipping and Mailing Labels, Warning Labels, “Sale” labels, Shelf/Bin Identification, Promotional Signage, Craft Embellishments, Packaging Closure & Gift Tags

White Semi-Gloss Paper Label – Great for indoor use and it’s less expensive than the choices above.  The semi-gloss finish provides a crisp and clean reproduction of your artwork. The highly versatile label is used for products and packaging as well as craft sticker designs.

Popular Uses for White Semi-Gloss Paper Labels: Product Identification, CD and DVD’s, Bar codes, Shipping and Mailing Labels, Warning Labels, “Sale” labels, Shelf/Bin Identification and Craft Labels

Brown Kraft Paper Label – This is a unique looking paper label for those times you want the appearance of a kraft paper bag look.  When combined with our White Ink Printing ability, you can have some very exquisite looking labels.  We’ve printed brown kraft labels for cigar boxes, gift bags and a few select cannabis products.

Popular Uses for Brown Kraft Paper Labels: Scrap-booking, Arts and Crafts, Envelope Seals, Custom Marked Handmade Products and Packaging Labels or Packaging Seals.

Uncoated white Paper Label – This is your basic workhorse label.  Used for just about anything that’s not getting wet.

Popular Uses for Uncoated White Paper Labels: Packaging Labels, Product Labels, Asset Labels, Warning Labels, Name Labels, Jar Labels, Shipping and Mailing Labels, Business Labels, Correction Labels, Shelf/Bin Labels and Product Identification Labels.

Specialty Paper Label Stocks:

Matte Gold or Silver Paper Label – Excellent choice for small shaped package seals.  It’s coated surface allows for great artwork reproduction.  It works well in our contour cutter to create custom shapes based on your supplied die line.

Popular Uses for Matte Silver or Matte Gold Paper Labels: Small Shaped Package Seals, Certificate Labels, Packaging Labels and Packaging Seals.

Fluorescent Paper Labels – For something that really stands out and gets noticed, you might want to try a Hot Pink or Lime Green sticker.  We can get this material within 1 additional work day and you can choose from a wide range of crazy looking colors.  Try to imaging a shelf of boxes with Mango Orange labels applied to the side.  It’s so eye catching that it really is something you are sure to stop and look at.

Popular Uses for Fluorescent Paper Labels: Shipping Labels, Warning Signs, Inventory, Packaging & Storage.

What Size Label Do You Need?

Here’s a quick and easy way to determine the size you need for your smaller projects.  Take a sheet of plain white paper and use a scissor to make your basic shape.  For bottles, simply wrap the piece of paper around the bottle and trim it or mark it for length and height.  Then you can easily use a ruler to figure the overall size.  When designing custom shapes, you can still use this method to find the area we need to use in order to provide the estimate and produce the sticker.

After the label size has been determined, you can move forward with the design.  Leave some room around the outside or your design in order to provide a safe margin (safety area) so words or images don’t get cut off.  The more complex the shape, the more important it is to not violate the safety area with important text or graphics.

Questions or To Order:

Give us a call to place your order or to ask questions on best practices for label and sticker printing. Any of our customer service people will assist you with questions and to help you with this guide to choosing the right sticker material for you.


What is perfect bound booklet printing?

Perfect binding is a bindery choice commonly used for multiple page soft cover printed booklets and printed catalogs. “Perfect bound booklet printing” simply describes a soft cover publication that requires the professional look of a magazine with a wraparound cover that is hot glued to the interior sheets. It’s the preferred choice for booklets with as few as 4 sheets or more. Perfect binding is a great looking bindery choice for product catalogs, magazines, comic books, instruction manuals, look books, and a whole lot more. Lastly, our short run digital perfect binding equipment can provide you with perfect bound book printing, up to 2” thick, in as little as 3 work days.

Thin perfect bound booklet-blackcover with white ink from SLB Printing in Los AngelesShort run perfect bound booklet printing from SLB Printing in Los Angeles Perfect bound booklet with corner hing scoring from SLB Printing in Los Angeles



The Process of Perfect Binding a Booklet

How is a perfect bound booklet made? A booklet has 2 components, the cover and the interior sheets. To begin, the cover is scored and then folded twice creating a continuous square spine which the interior pages are hot glued into. Relief scores, also known as hinge scores, are added to provide an exact area for the cover to open up on. The hinge scores add to the overall clean and professional look of the binding. The machine that does the actual binding will grind a groove into the binding edge of the interior pages to allow the hot glue to adhere better.  Then the cover is wrapped around the hot glue and the appropriate pressure and binding time is set for the thickness of the catalog.  After allowing the glue to cure for several hours, we 3 side trim the booklet to its final desired size.

The hot glue we use is either PUR for our larger runs or EVA for the short run or small page count jobs.  In our opinion, both glues perform equally well for most of the standard house stocks we carry. When the job calls for just a few sheets or a small quantity of 500 books or less, we use the EVA glue on our smaller perfect binder, Otherwise, we use the PUR on our high volume production perfect binder.

I will explain other binding choices in more detail in another blog. For now, you can go to our bindery page to review other options by clicking here.

How to Determine Your Page Counts

Perfect bound page layout sample for booklet printing from SLB Printing in Los Angeles

Page Layout for Perfect Bound Booklet Printing

It’s very important to understand how to accurately describe the page count for your booklet.  Using the terms “Sheets” or “Pages” can get confusing so let’s try simplifying this. A sheet of paper has 2 sides. For calculating pages in a perfect bound booklet, each side is a “page” so 1 single sheet is really 2 pages.  However, if you require printing on only 1 side of the sheet, you would need to describe the page count as such. 


So, for a 42 page booklet, you either have a 21 sheet booklet printed 2 sides making up 42 pages or you have a 42 sheet single sided booklet.  If you forget to accurately describe the booklet using one of these phrases, your estimate and spine width will probably not be accurate!  This leads us to the next topic.

How to Determine the Spine Width

As you now know, the cover for a perfect bound booklet is one continuous sheet that gets wrapped around the interior pages. Therefore the spine width needs to be determined before the final cover layout is completed.  There are really only two main factors to consider, number of sheets and the thickness of the sheet.  If the interior has 42 sheets and is printed on 50# offset paper, it will be thinner than using 100# gloss or 80# uncoated text.  SLB Printing can help you determine the spine width after the choice has been made for sheet count and paper type. We always advise the need and importance for an accurate spine width measurement to help insure the final product comes out as expected.

Landscape, Square or Portrait size perfect bound booklets

Perfect bound digital booklet printing comes in all shapes and sizes.  SLB Printing has the equipment to provide you with several unique types of perfect bound books.  Let’s start with landscape size, we can print a cover that can accommodate a landscape booklet up to 12” tall by 13”wide and it can be as thin as 1/8” or as thick as 2”.  Square booklets as small as 6” and standard portrait booklets are all within the manufacturing ability of SLB Printing as well. The best thing about being able to print digitally is the ability to provide you with short run quantities for your booklet printing needs.  So if you just need a short run quantity of 5 or 10 booklets, that’s easy for SLB Printing. 

Dark Cover Stocks printed with White Ink and more!

We have a number of house stocks for the interiors that include uncoated, matte and gloss finishes.  But what really is unique is our ability to take a dark stock like a deep red, kraft or even black colored cover stock and print on it with white ink. Very few printing companies have this ability and it’s something that needs to be seen to be appreciated.  Come into the store and ask to see samples of our white ink printing and perfect binding booklets. 

Perfect Bound Digital Booklet Printing

SLB Printing provides the speed and look you need for your short run perfect bound booklet printing with our full line of digital, 4 color presses and our 4 color + white ink press.  Call the professionals at SLB Printing for your short run booklets as well as your bulk order long runs of 1,000 or more. Let us show you what great customer service combined with quality digital printing really look and feel like.

Customer Service at SLB Printing, Over and Beyond!

Always Coming Through For Our Clients! – It’s 9:15 p.m. and Nancy’s cell phone starts ringing.  We see by the caller I.D. it’s one of our Motion Picture and Video Production clients.  Frantic voice on the phone gets right to the point, “Got a meeting in the morning and we need 50 of these proposals done tonight and I have the press ready PDF files ready…can you do this?”  What do you think we said?  So we get on the phone and see who on our staff is available to help with the printing and binding.  By 9:45 p.m. the digital press is running and we’re preparing to bind.  By 11:30 p.m. the job is done, the client is already at the store (with a very relieved look) relaxing in customer service and the “emergency” is handled.

How often have you had your own “emergency” that required a Printing Miracle?   Now, not everyone has our personal cell phone numbers.  So the question becomes, how do YOU get on this select list of demanding clients that count on SLB Printing to open the store at any time for them?  It starts simply by asking us to help and letting us know what your annual requirements are.  It’s really that simple to get the private cell phone numbers for SLB Printing into your contact list. After those numbers get onto YOUR contact list you can count on SLB Printing to do everything we can to make that Printing Miracle happen for you too.  You don’t need to take my word for it, the proof is in our reviews. Our reviews are Proof Positive that there is NO ONE else that provides this type of service to highly appreciative clients with equally high recognizable names.  SLB Printing is Always Coming Through for our clients!

When you need a printing company in Los Angeles that Gets It Done, call the shop to speak with one of our dedicated customer service staff members.  And if you don’t have our cell numbers in your contact list yet, just email us your request and customer service will get right to it bright and early when we open in the morning.

Here at SLB Printing, each of our customers can be assured that the printing is high quality and our customer service, top-notch.

How did SLB Printing Increase Web Traffic by 97% in 12 months? Secrets Revealed!

How does a static printing site with no “web to print” fancy shenanigans almost double its visitor count in 12 months?  This is not a new business that just showed up on line.  We’re talking about a business that’s been around for 35 years now.   It should be no secret but at the same time, it’s no easy task. Customer service, word of mouth, the right mix of products and a few nice reviews all contribute to the growing popularity of our site.  By all respects, 12 months ago, traffic to the SLB Printing web site was comparable to, if not already above, our direct competitors.  Then we got down to the business of sprinkling on the secret sauce.

SLB Printing Customer Service

Hands down, our customer service staff has no equal.  Yelp! doesn’t even believe a third of the reviews we get and filters them away from public view.  The reviews all basically say the same thing “awesome customer service experience”.  But why?  I’ll tell you why.  FIRST, WE ANSWER THE PHONE WITH A CUSTOMER SERVICE VOICE AND NOT AN AUTOMATED ATTENDANT OR A RECEPTIONIST!  You have no idea how much of a difference that makes to people when they need answers and not instructions on what button to push or requests for who they like to speak to.  When you have a deadline approaching and your brochures from the other on-line printing guys didn’t show up, you need to talk to a voice, not a machine, not a receptionist.  Second, we want you to experience a higher level of service than what you would normally expect. So we take more time to learn about your project and figure out ways to produce it faster, better and cheaper.  This has helped create a desire from existing clients to explore our site to find even more products they can have SLB Printing produce.  Then there’s the word of mouth factor when a totally satisfied customer tells their friends to visit our site for their needs too.

SLB Printing Provides High Quality Printing

From postcards to lookbooks, posters to retractable banners, hang tags to event badges, when the job is picked up, it’s right.  No surprises.  Our procedures for reviewing client files, proofing and quality control all contribute to a job well done.  We know how to Get It Done when you need printing services in Los Angeles.  It’s not like we expect the dinner conversation to include questions like “oh, who did that fabulous movie poster in the lobby for you” or “where do you get that awesome real estate postcard printed?”  But it happens!  Then it’s straight to the Google search bar to enter SLB Printing in Los Angeles to find out more about us. 

There on Google and Yelp, people read the reviews that validate what they’ve been hearing about us.  Let’s face the facts, we don’t spend a lot on internet advertising so we don’t always show up at the top of search results.  But if you need a printing company in Los Angeles to make your catalog, you’ll find us there along with a bunch of stellar reviews.  Now that’s all that really matters.

Google and Yelp! Reviews

I can’t stress this enough, if you provide top notch customer service with quality printing delivered on time, you will be appreciated.  Google and Yelp are proof positive of this.  SLB Printing attracts clients from all over that need printing provided to them from a Los Angeles based printer.  Without ever having prior contact with us, new clients use both of these review sites to find the difference SLB Printing makes.  If you have a business, you already know it’s not easy to accumulate good, 5 Star, reviews.  We are truly thankful to everyone that takes their time to share with the world what SLB Printing has done for them.

SLB Printing’s Secret Sauce

It’s hard work and determination.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before.  We are enthusiastic about our jobs and our clients success.  This makes people talk about us in the most positive ways. Finding ways to sprinkle this onto our web presence has increased our web traffic exponentially and has made SLB Printing ubiquitous in organic web search results.

When an event planner walks into the store to pick up their job and tells us “I’m sure every event planner in town must know about you guys” it just validates our company mission. When the first time film maker begins to cry when they see their 27”x40” one-sheet printed for the first time, we can’t help but to smile and cry a little happy tear too.  And when we get the call to print up 400 job fair packages overnight with over 200 pages in them and get the “I knew you wouldn’t let us down” from the Fortune 100 client, it’s all proof that what we do is appreciated and shared on line. 

The secret sauce is SLB Printing does the combination of things that other printers struggle with or simply can’t combine.  Customer service, quality products and on time delivery.  When you put that combination together and get people talking about you, it’s more powerful than ad dollars, it’s ORGANIC success secret sauce!

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