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How Social Distancing Floor Decals Are Helping Beat Back the Covid Pandemic

By: Shelby

Floor Graphics - stickers and labels from SLB Printing in Los Angeles. For your social distancing needs call SLB Printing today!

Did you know? SLB Printing can make floor graphics! With the circumstances we are now in that require social distancing, custom floor graphics demand is soaring. So, now I feel this blog post is both timely and necessary.  You see, floor graphics are printed on our wide format equipment that also prints our posters, banner and canvases.  They are then laminated with an anti-slip laminate to help prevent falls.  The last step is contour cutting to the final shape. Our large contour cutter can handle material widths of 45” wide. 

I wouldn’t normally think of writing about a sticker that goes on the floor giving you directions.  It’s just never been an item we get called on to produce very often.  Not until this month that is!  So while our wide format presses that used to print posters and canvas every day haven’t seen much of that lately, large labels and floor graphics are now in high demand.  Hence, I’ve now got a floor graphics product page dedicated to this one item and I’m blogging about it just to share a little more information.

With most of the world currently practicing social distancing, many retailers have taken it upon themselves to ensure that this practice is adhered to.  Hardware stores, grocery stores, post offices, and banks are the most common retailers using floor stickers.  Putting the health and safety of their customers and staff first, these ‘essential businesses’ have found unique ways to practice social distancing in and around their stores. For many retailers, social distancing floor decals have become an essential part of today’s new business dynamic. They help to ensure that customers keep their distance from each other.

What is social distancing?

According to the World Economic Forum. “Social distancing is a tool public health officials recommend to slow the spread of a disease that is being passed from person to person. Simply put, it means that people stay far enough away from each other so that the coronavirus – or any pathogen – cannot spread from one person to another. Social distancing also means not touching other people, and that includes handshakes. Physical touch is the most likely way a person will catch the coronavirus and the easiest way to spread it. Remember, keep that 6-foot distance and don’t touch.”  The obvious take away is we need to flatten the curve so we can begin to rid the world of this virus.  Social distancing is our first line of defense to accomplish this goal.

The Instant Appeal for Social Distancing Floor Decals

Along with the current pandemic that we are all trying our best to live through, we now have a whole new set of ideas, phrases and products. One such new product to help implement social distancing that retailers have taken to is a sticker placed on the floor. It’s a simple and effective measure to ensure that their customers stay safe. First seen in markets, hardware and grocery stores, floor graphic stickers have been placed onto floors in aisles and near checkout stands. They work to ensure customers keep the adequate distance from each other and floor arrow stickers help with one way aisle directions. These social distancing floor decals can now be seen in the banking and health care industry, including hospitals along with other essential  retailer businesses and restaurants. 

Floor Graphics - stickers and labels from SLB Printing in Los Angeles. For your social distancing needs call SLB Printing today!

There Can Be More Than What Meets the Eye with Social Distancing Stickers

For many businesses, floor decals have many benefits beyond just being used for social distancing.  Let’s examine a few here:

Advertising to a Captive Audience:

Look at those lines at the supermarkets and banks!  What are all these people looking at?  Well if it’s not their cell phones, it’s THE FLOOR!  List a special product or service like “Have you checked out our new wine selections yet?”


It’s pretty obvious that everyone can use a little help and guidance these days. With this national health crisis, being able to easily see what is correct and useful information is essential, especially when out in public. A social distancing sticker can be placed onto any flat surface, not just the floor so that your customers are visually reminded of the behavior that is expected from them.  With so many new city and state regulations coming out every day, it’s also helpful to display any other newly required behaviors such as the need to ware face masks out in public.

Safe Distancing:

Floor stickers are easily used in store check out lines to ensure that customers stay the required distance from each other. Not to mention they look much more professional than just a piece of blue tape! Everyone should know by now that we are dealing with a highly infectious disease.  People standing to close to one another while in any line can spread infection to one another! So, having custom floor decals that tell people where to stand while waiting to either get into the store or check out is very useful.

We’re All In This Together:

There are many different essential businesses that are open and dealing with the public. But we all share a responsibility to keep our staff and customers safe while visiting our place of business. There are many stressful decisions that we as business owners need to be making now on a daily basis. At the top of that list of decisions is how to keep my staff and customers safe. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Use floor graphics with pictures and directions to help flatten the curve!  I feel safer going into a store that has numerous safe guards in place including floor graphics.  It will show a commitment to the idea that we are all in this together.

A Temporary or Permanent Solution:

No one knows how long this worldwide health crisis can last. This is why we have two adhesive options, removable or aggressive grip.  Once we have gotten past the need for social distancing, floor decals are an excellent temporary tool for any other message you need to share. The removable option can easily be taken off when needed and the permanent can last for up to five years.

Get Your Social Distancing Floor Graphic Stickers Now

No matter what type of retail business you own, SLB Printing can fulfill the need for your social distancing floor stickers. We produce our floor graphics using durable materials, adhesives and laminates.  We can cut custom shaped stickers as well. When looking for something even more unique, our floor decals can be completely customized for your brand.  It’s as easy as providing us with a press ready PDF file and a die line. We’ll take care of the rest.

Show everyone you want to lead by example while encouraging your staff and customers to practice social distancing.  We all want to help flatten the curve. Call SLB Printing today and email over your press ready PDF files so we can help you do your part.

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