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Event Badges in ONE work day!

Laminated Event Badges in ONE work day!

Laminated event badge with slot punch provided by SLB Printing in Los Angeles

It’s been said that SLB Printing is one of the best kept secrets in the printing world. This accolade comes from many different production companies, event planners and trade show organizers.  But, being a “best kept secret” is not something we’re trying to maintain. Let’s face it, we are a retail printing company. Event badges is just one of the items we produce. But lately, the one day turn around for all sorts of badges has grown.

But considering the clientele we work with and the one-on-one personal level of service we provide, I can understand why people at some of the largest production companies in the world use SLB Printing for their event badges printing. We are their little secret! Not to mention the turnaround time! We can do badge printing for events in as little as one work day! This is just one more reason why we boast that “We Print Miracles!” However, the fact is, if you search google for laminated event badges in Los Angeles, SLB Printing shows up pretty high on that list. So I guess the secret is getting out!

Live events are coming back. 

After the 2020 / 2021 year of devastation in the trade show and live event industry, things changed. I’m here to tell you, the volume of custom laminated badges used for convention badge printing that we are currently asked to produce is substantial.  I can say that the current orders continue to grow and are larger than we’ve ever seen, even before the pandemic. Custom lanyards are moving right along with the badge orders too but they do take a little longer to produce. But for those last minute orders, we keep a good supply of black lanyards on hand in both swivel hook and bull dog clip.

I’m proud to say that SLB Printing is a trusted resource for conference badge printing and lanyards. When you are looking for an id badge printing service, you’ve come to the right place. Event planners and trade show organizers producing shows in Los Angeles have us on speed dial! Our ability to be a custom badge printer who can also print plastic badges makes us a versatile choice for your custom conference badges and laminated id badges.

I feel we are becoming the go to source for custom event badges for Los Angeles and all the surrounding communities.  VIP badge printing and custom event name badges are more types of badges that we are asked to produce.  Next to a signed autograph, custom event badges given away to fans is a highly collectible item.  For your laminated badge printing needs we’re the place to go. SLB Printing should know, we make VIP Show Badges by the boatload!

Visit our web page for more information on card stock options, lamination options and more by clicking here. If you need some ideas on how unique a custom event badge can be, check out the images on Google!