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How did SLB Printing Increase Web Traffic by 97% in 12 months? Secrets Revealed!

By: Shelby

How does a static printing site with no “web to print” fancy shenanigans almost double its visitor count in 12 months?  This is not a new business that just showed up on line.  We’re talking about a business that’s been around for 35 years now.   It should be no secret but at the same time, it’s no easy task. Customer service, word of mouth, the right mix of products and a few nice reviews all contribute to the growing popularity of our site.  By all respects, 12 months ago, traffic to the SLB Printing web site was comparable to, if not already above, our direct competitors.  Then we got down to the business of sprinkling on the secret sauce.

SLB Printing Customer Service

Hands down, our customer service staff has no equal.  Yelp! doesn’t even believe a third of the reviews we get and filters them away from public view.  The reviews all basically say the same thing “awesome customer service experience”.  But why?  I’ll tell you why.  FIRST, WE ANSWER THE PHONE WITH A CUSTOMER SERVICE VOICE AND NOT AN AUTOMATED ATTENDANT OR A RECEPTIONIST!  You have no idea how much of a difference that makes to people when they need answers and not instructions on what button to push or requests for who they like to speak to.  When you have a deadline approaching and your brochures from the other on-line printing guys didn’t show up, you need to talk to a voice, not a machine, not a receptionist.  Second, we want you to experience a higher level of service than what you would normally expect. So we take more time to learn about your project and figure out ways to produce it faster, better and cheaper.  This has helped create a desire from existing clients to explore our site to find even more products they can have SLB Printing produce.  Then there’s the word of mouth factor when a totally satisfied customer tells their friends to visit our site for their needs too.

SLB Printing Provides High Quality Printing

From postcards to lookbooks, posters to retractable banners, hang tags to event badges, when the job is picked up, it’s right.  No surprises.  Our procedures for reviewing client files, proofing and quality control all contribute to a job well done.  We know how to Get It Done when you need printing services in Los Angeles.  It’s not like we expect the dinner conversation to include questions like “oh, who did that fabulous movie poster in the lobby for you” or “where do you get that awesome real estate postcard printed?”  But it happens!  Then it’s straight to the Google search bar to enter SLB Printing in Los Angeles to find out more about us. 

There on Google and Yelp, people read the reviews that validate what they’ve been hearing about us.  Let’s face the facts, we don’t spend a lot on internet advertising so we don’t always show up at the top of search results.  But if you need a printing company in Los Angeles to make your catalog, you’ll find us there along with a bunch of stellar reviews.  Now that’s all that really matters.

Google and Yelp! Reviews

I can’t stress this enough, if you provide top notch customer service with quality printing delivered on time, you will be appreciated.  Google and Yelp are proof positive of this.  SLB Printing attracts clients from all over that need printing provided to them from a Los Angeles based printer.  Without ever having prior contact with us, new clients use both of these review sites to find the difference SLB Printing makes.  If you have a business, you already know it’s not easy to accumulate good, 5 Star, reviews.  We are truly thankful to everyone that takes their time to share with the world what SLB Printing has done for them.

SLB Printing’s Secret Sauce

It’s hard work and determination.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before.  We are enthusiastic about our jobs and our clients success.  This makes people talk about us in the most positive ways. Finding ways to sprinkle this onto our web presence has increased our web traffic exponentially and has made SLB Printing ubiquitous in organic web search results.

When an event planner walks into the store to pick up their job and tells us “I’m sure every event planner in town must know about you guys” it just validates our company mission. When the first time film maker begins to cry when they see their 27”x40” one-sheet printed for the first time, we can’t help but to smile and cry a little happy tear too.  And when we get the call to print up 400 job fair packages overnight with over 200 pages in them and get the “I knew you wouldn’t let us down” from the Fortune 100 client, it’s all proof that what we do is appreciated and shared on line. 

The secret sauce is SLB Printing does the combination of things that other printers struggle with or simply can’t combine.  Customer service, quality products and on time delivery.  When you put that combination together and get people talking about you, it’s more powerful than ad dollars, it’s ORGANIC success secret sauce!

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