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It's CONCERT SEASON! Do you need SAME DAY PRINTING for your Pull Up Banners and Laminated Event Badges?? Retractable pull up banners in the store with press ready files by 10 a.m. can be completed the SAME DAY! Laminated Event Badges made in 1 work day!


Mailing services can be the spark to ignite your business! With our state-of-the-art addressing equipment and mailing software, SLB Printing will not only save you time and eliminate the hassle of preparing a large mailing yourself, we can get your mail piece to your prospect or customer faster and for less money.

We offer a wide range of affordable mailing services!

We specialize in handling postcards, self-mailers, brochures, appeal mailings, newsletters, statements and invoices. If you’re tired of spending your time printing and hand applying address labels, licking stamps and loading heavy boxes into your truck or onto your nice car seats, SLB Printing is the solution for your mailing projects!

For a custom quote call: 310.558.4752 or email slbprinting@gmail.com

List processing and mailing services are available for mailings over 500 pieces. Both 1st Class or Bulk (Standard) mail services are available. (You don’t even need your own permit, unless you’re a non-profit, you can use ours for FREE.)

Some of what we can do for you:

  • Receive your database via email, or you can always visit the shop and drop it off.
  • Import your database from a variety of file types.
  • Add Zip+4 and delivery point barcode data.
  • CASS approve your database to get the lowest postal automation rates available for your mailing.
  • Tab close the direct mail piece or insert several pieces into envelopes and seal.
  • Print your labels, apply, postal sort and tray.
  • Deliver your mail to the post office and complete the necessary paperwork to allow the maximum postal discount available for your mailing.

Additional services include:

  • Duplicate searches.
  • Customized letters using laser printers (not inkjets)
  • Address corrections and move update notifications.
  • List maintenance.
  • Processing for your monthly invoicing needs.
  • Visit our youtube channel to view a video tutorial on setting up postcards for mailing.

Serving Los Angeles, Culver City, Downtown L.A., West L.A., Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Century City, Hollywood, and all surrounding areas. We’ve been offering the finest quality printing and mailing services at affordable prices since 1984!

When you need same day mailing services, color copies, printing, cheap banners. cheap posters, business forms, cheap catalog printing, full color brochures, custom postcards and a whole lot more, give us a call at 310.558.4752.