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PLASTIC MENUS! Replace your old, tattered, laminated menus with a durable, thick, waterproof PLASTIC MENU!     Need SAME DAY PRINTING for your poster? Short run poster jobs in the store with press ready files by 10 a.m. complete the SAME DAY!     PERFECT BINDING up to 2-1/4" wide is now available on short run digital print orders.

How To Order

First, we need your press ready digital files.  SLB Printing has several ways to accomplish this.

  1. Upload your file using our contact page.
  2. Files up to 20 MB can be emailed to slbprinting@gmail.com
  3. Larger files can be sent via  www.WeTransfer.com or www.hightail.com or Drop Box,
  4. If you have a link to an FTP d/l, we can receive your files from your FTP.


After we receive your files, we need to know the following:

Quantity to print – for some reason, new orders are missing this important piece of information more often than you can imagine.

Paper to use – If you are not familiar with paper types or weights, you’ll need to meet with us at our shop in order to go over paper options or we can direct you to a local paper store that can help find a paper that will work for your project.

Production time – We use two methods, offset printing and digital printing, to produce your order.  Either method can be used but choosing the right one is usually a function of time allotted for production and quantity ordered.  If you need same day printing or next day printing, your job will usually go to our digital department.  Offset printing production times vary based on the job and ranges from 3 to 5 work days for most orders. However, for some RUSH PRINTING orders that must be produced offset, call our customer service reps at 310-558-4752 with your details and in some limited cases, we can get your job on press and have it ready in 24 hours.


Once the details of your job have been worked out, we will need payment in advance unless you have filled out a credit application and have been approved for net billing.  Our customer service department will contact you.  We accept most major credit cards, cash, checks and PayPal.



On every mailing order we remove duplicate listings and CASS Certify your list. This allows us to identify “undeliverable” or questionable addresses. We remove all addresses that are deemed Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) as a result of the CASS certification process. Then we email back to you a list with the Non-CASS addresses along with a copy of the postage statement being submitted with your mail to USPS.

You may use SLB Printings presort mailing permit for free when we process your mail or use your own mail permit if it is issued in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills.


We are able to mail from our location using our presort mail permits. Mailing permits are tied to local USPS offices and may only be used in the locality where they are issued. If you’d like us to address your material and make it available for you to pick up or ship it to you, you could use your own permit and mail it from the USPS office that services your permit location.

Acceptable List Formats

The best file formats to send us for your mailing list are either Microsoft Excel or a tab or comma delimited text file.
Please give us a call at 310-558-4752 if your list is not one of the types below to be sure we can use it. If you need assistance, we can help you through getting your address list into a file format that we can use.


The most common file formats and extensions for mailing lists are:

  • .CSV Comma Delimited
  • .ASC ASCII text file


  • .TXT ASCII text file
  • .XLSX or .XLS Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Once you have your list prepared, you can email it to us at: slbprinting-mail@yahoo.com.

The minimum required fields are: Name, Address1, City, State, Zip.

Optional fields might be: Business Name, Address2, Dept., etc.

There is a limit of 5 lines for any address which in turn limits the number of different fields we can include.

Helpful tutorial located in our BLOG: A Clean List: The Basis for a Successful Mailing