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Design - Pantone Color Swatchbook - SLB Printing

If you are not feeling the creative design juices and need help, we work with several highly talented graphic design professionals that can help create your project.  SLB Printing does not have in-house design staff.  But there is hope! is a very easy to use, cloud based, design software.  It comes with an incredible array of templates.  The basic service is free to use however your final artwork may contain a Canva watermark.  They also offer a subscription service and pricing for single jobs too.  A lot of designs can be purchased for as little as $1.00.  We have had many clients email us designs created on for a wide array of project.  Check out our blog article on how to save your files when using in perfect press quality fashion.

If you need simple type revisions to a file that you already have, if we have the fonts on file and the original program that created it, we can help with those simple text or layout edits in very little time.

Good Design vs Cheap Design:

It should be noted that good design, even when using a template, is better than bad design.  Poorly thought out projects that include low quality graphics won’t help sell your product or service.  The one thing you shouldn’t skimp on when designing your project is how it looks.  Whether you choose a premade template to begin work or decide a graphic professional needs to be employed it’s up to you.

There may be other on line creative services or other printers with in-house creative professionals.  Budget, timing and creative differences all can play a role in your decision how to proceed with a project.  I never discount the value of a true professional when it comes to delivering amazing, eye-catching artwork.  Please consider all your options.