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Shelby Blecker


Customer Service at SLB Printing, Over and Beyond!

Always Coming Through For Our Clients! – It’s 9:15 p.m. and Nancy’s cell phone starts ringing.  We see by the caller I.D. it’s one of our Motion Picture and Video Production clients.  Frantic voice on the phone gets right to the point, “Got a meeting in the morning and we need 50 of these proposals […]

How did SLB Printing Increase Web Traffic by 97% in 12 months? Secrets Revealed!

How does a static printing site with no “web to print” fancy shenanigans almost double its visitor count in 12 months?  This is not a new business that just showed up on line.  We’re talking about a business that’s been around for 35 years now.   It should be no secret but at the same time, […]

The Battle Of Digital Vs. Offset Printing

What’s the Difference Between Digital and Offset Printing? There are a lot of things that need printing: brochures, catalogs, flyers, business cards—the list goes on. But did you ever think about what your best option might be, going digital or offset printing? There are a lot of differences, so when you find yourself in need of […]

Non-Profit Printing and the Charities We Support

Community involvement has always been a priority at SLB Printing.  That’s why we do things like provide, at reduced or no cost, printing services for several charities and non-profit organizations that have touched our hearts.  The list is by no means extensive, but we aren’t the largest printing company around either.  We do what we […]

White Ink Printer in Los Angeles

White ink printing comes to SLB Printing!  OK so big deal, right?  YES IT IS, because this means YOU can now enjoy short run labels on a wider selection of specialty stocks including clear and kraft label papers.  The appeal of white ink printing has grown since the technology was introduced. But this year, we […]

LookBooks for Film, Fashion, Home and Cosmetics

Lookbook Printing for the Fashion, Cosmetics, Film and Home Decor SLB Printing has produced LookBooks for a variety of industries including film, fashion, home furnishings and cosmetics. A lookbook is an assemblage of pictures, organized to either display products or provide a visual story.  Different industries will collect and display their photographs based on their […]

What Are the Most Common Standard Poster Sizes?

Standard Poster Size There are a lot of requests made on Google Search for “What is the Most Common Standard Poster Size?”  Here’s the answer!  Posters are available in many different standard sizes as well as custom sizes to suit your needs. The most commonly used sizes for posters are 18” x 24”, 24” x […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Read! Printing Companies with Fully Automated Workflows Are Not Always a Good Thing

When it comes to client interaction, SLB Printing takes pride in the idea of answering the phone with a real voice and reviewing and pre-flighting new file submissions outside of the automated workflow. I read a recent article by Mark Bohan in a printing trade magazine regarding this. In his article called “Integrating Multiple Production […]

Top 3 Printing Services in L.A. (by Three Best Rated)

I am so proud to announce that SLB Printing has been listed as Top 3 Printing Services in L.A. by Three Best Rated®. This is a new review site that was desperately needed to balance out the issues related to other on-line review sites that love to delete good reviews while leaving all the negative […]