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It's CONCERT SEASON! Do you need SAME DAY PRINTING for your Pull Up Banners and Laminated Event Badges?? Retractable pull up banners in the store with press ready files by 10 a.m. can be completed the SAME DAY! Laminated Event Badges made in 1 work day!

Top 3 Printing Services in L.A. (by Three Best Rated)

I am so proud to announce that SLB Printing has been listed as Top 3 Printing Services in L.A. by Three Best Rated®. This is a new review site that was desperately needed to balance out the issues related to other on-line review sites that love to delete good reviews while leaving all the negative ones. Three Best Rated explains on their webpage that it was created with a simple goal; to find the top 3 local businesses, professionals, restaurants and health care providers in your city. They display only businesses that are verified by their employees since customers deserve only the best. SLB Printing was chosen to be included in their list for Top 3 Printing Services in L.A.

Accolades Are Nice
Even though it’s nice to earn awards and accolades such as this, SLB Printing’s focus has always been on serving our clients – the recognition seems to follow naturally. I don’t know what was used to verify our status. The number of Same Day and 2 hour service requests we’ve been fulfilling lately probably has a lot to do with this. I suppose being in the printing business since 1984, I’ve picked up a few skills that help my little store Get It Done! So, regardless of the inherent problems with other on-line review sites, I have to admit that 5 Star Reviews are still the best badge we wear proudly. Being named Top 3 Printing Services in L.A. is just icing on the cake.

The Secret Sauce
So what’s the secret? I’ve been doing a lot more reading lately on what it takes to be and stay “relevant”. Staying relevant in your field shouldn’t seem like a secret, but when you think about companies that are no longer around, you’ll find the main reason is they were no longer relevant. If I hadn’t chosen to continually update our capabilities, I would no longer be relevant too. Working with so many different businesses in a wildly diverse list of industries has helped shape the current capability of jobs we are able to produce. Staying relevant is what I believe was seen at SLB Printing by Three Best Rated that lead to the designation of Top 3 Printing Services in L.A. Check out the list on the left to see what else we can help provide you with too.

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