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Standard Postcard Sizes and Common Uses

By: Shelby

Standard Postcard sizes from SLB Printing in Los Angeles

Standard Postcard Sizes and Common Uses

There are many different reasons why people need a printed postcard. In addition to the need, there are production demands for same day postcards and next day postcards.  However, the ways to accomplish the goal come down to just 2 options, digital or conventional offset postcards printing.  Lucky for you, SLB Printing has both of these production methods covered and it’s just one of the reasons many people consider us the best postcard printing service they’ve ever seen. So let’s explore some of the many reasons you’ll want to call SLB Printing for your custom or standard postcard size printing needs.  We will also explore what are the most common standard postcard sizes.  Standard size postcards can help you with cost savings compared to custom size postcards too.

What are postcards used for?

Postcards are as versatile as the many custom sizes they come in. They can be used as handouts to announce a sale or special offer, invite people to a live event, seminar or trade show, introduce new products or services and drive traffic to a website, serve as a gift card or a BOGO offer. A well designed postcard can help to deliver any marketing idea you have.  Then there’s the vacation postcards, ubiquitous at the hotels and tourist shops everywhere, that allow friends see and envy a printed travel log of adventurous journeys. 

The Gift Box Announcement Postcard:

You’re throwing a party and need some small custom printed postcards to describe your latest and greatest new product.  A business card size just isn’t going to work and a jumbo postcard for this application is overpowering.  Maybe custom size postcard printing in a 3” x 4.75” dimension will work best.  SLB Printing can do that!  Add in round corners and a 1/8” hole to tie a string or ribbon with and attach it to your product box. Now aren’t you looking professional!  Being in Hollywood, we’ve been asked to produce high quality postcard printing that accompany many of the swag bags that are given away at awards night ceremonies.  These are not your typical postcard size cards, these cards can take on any custom shape imaginable.

The EDDM Postcard:

One of the hardest working postcards in the business, the Every Door Direct Mail postcard is the James Brown of postcards. The EDDM postcard is versatile, larger than life (or at least larger than the standard size postcard), seemingly everywhere and in your mailbox all the time now.  EDDM postcard sizes are larger than your standard size postcard. It’s a favorite for local retailers, restaurants and shops to help them reach a local audience.  SLB Printing can help show you how to be successful with your next EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail Postcards).  Check our main page for more information on EDDM postcard printing.

Postcards for presort mail marketing:

Next is the postcard printing and mailing service.  When you need to print a postcard intended to go to your personal mailing list, SLB Printing has the quick and easy way to do bulk mailing postcards.  We have done real estate direct mail postcards by the boat load.  Going to be showing your new fashion line at the next LA Market Week?  We’ve got you!  Got a Big Clearance Sale coming up? Don’t trust that notice to email alone, you need to get some postcards printed and let SLB Printing handle the postcard printing and mailing for you.

So now you know!  Who does postcard printing? SLB Printing does postcard printing! We can handle your same day postcard printing needs, your bulk mail postcards, your rush postcards printing and be your best postcard printing services provider every time the need arises.

How Big is a Postcard?

The last topic I’d like to talk about in regards to postcards is size.  When it comes to bulk postcard printing we have many standard size postcards available to choose from.  Starting at 4” x 6” up to 6” x 11” and larger for the EDDM sizes, we use standard sizes to meet postal requirements and maximize room on our press runs.  All of our standard sizes are listed on the main postcard page.  If you need something custom, just ask.  We can do that too!

Standard Postcards Sizes – Use them to save on costs.

When you decide on the size you need for your message, check for the closest standard postcard size.  Presses, both offset and digital, run set size press sheets with multiple cards imposed onto the sheet. In order to increase maximum efficiency, we like to use every inch of the13 x 19 digital or  28 x 40 offset press sheet.  This is why we offer better pricing on standard size cards.  Just as an example, on our 13″ x 19″ digital sheet, we fit 9 cards that are 4″ x 6″ but only 8 cards that are 4-1/4″ x 6″.  This makes the 4″x6″ card just a bit cheaper on digital runs.  But our offset printing sheets are 28 x 40 and the layout is different, so there’s no difference in price.  It’s always advisable to ask for comparisons between digital and offset printing prices if you know you have the longer lead times for the offset press runs.

We look forward to discussing your next postcard printing job with you in order to find the best fit and solution for your needs.  Give us a call or email us at with your postcard job specifications.

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