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White Ink Printer in Los Angeles

White ink printing comes to SLB Printing!  OK so big deal, right?  YES IT IS, because this means YOU can now enjoy short run labels on a wider selection of specialty stocks including clear and kraft label papers.  The appeal of white ink printing has grown since the technology was introduced. But this year, we have had a flood of calls asking for us to add this service to our short run offerings.  Prior to now, we have only offered white ink printing on longer runs of labels that we run on our high volume production equipment.  With our new machine, short runs as low as 50 or 100 copies can now be achieved with same day and next day service.

What exactly is white ink printing?

Simply put, white ink printing is the use of an opaque white ink or toner that can be used either as a base layer or a top layer on darker papers such as black, kraft, blue or red.  White ink can also be used to create highlights and other special effects on dark or clear materials. 

Why use white ink?  The need to use white ink for a base layer is to help lay down an opaque layer below the color layer making the base layer act like a white sheet of paper.  This gives the color layer a truer representation of the desired original color as opposed to being affected and darkened by the actual paper color. 

For clear labels, it provides the base layer so the color layer isn’t affected and darkened by the contents of the bottle.  Think of a bottle of red wine with a clear label, if the text was yellow, red or some other bright color you’ll only be able to see the text and graphics with a layer of white underneath.  Regardless of the how bright the text or graphic color was, the normal inks in use today would not be opaque enough on their own to keep those bright colors looking as they were intended.  The white layer underneath is used to accomplish true desired color with a high degree of success.

White ink addressing on dark color envelopes in Los Angeles by SLB PrintingPictures printed on dark stock with white ink base by SLB Printing in Los AngelesClear label with white ink lettering on glass bottle from SLB Printing in Los Angeles

Download our copy of designing for white ink to help you create your special project. There are several lessons as well with examples of all the cool things that can now be done with white ink.

Label Substrate Options

SLB Printing offers white ink printing on a variety of label substrates, including gold or silver metallics, kraft label paper, and clear vinyl decals. White ink can be printed by itself on the label sheet or it can be combined with full-color, CMYK printing.  When you’re looking for that one of a kind look with white ink printing, come to the printer in Los Angeles that knows how to Get It Done.  Our clients always say we print miracles, let us create one for you today.

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