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It's CONCERT SEASON! Do you need SAME DAY PRINTING for your Pull Up Banners and Laminated Event Badges?? Retractable pull up banners in the store with press ready files by 10 a.m. can be completed the SAME DAY! Laminated Event Badges made in 1 work day!

Same Day Printing – Reality or Fantasy?

Same Day Printing – Reality or Fantasy?

To be competitive in today’s’ short run printing world, providing Same Day Printing services has become a much needed reality.  However, only for the select few Printers out there who have the equipment and staff that can pull it off is it really a reality that can successfully be achieved.  What YOU need to know is that the promise of Same Day Printing is really more of a fantasy at a lot of other print providers. Unfortunately, like the old saying goes, a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch.  So please don’t let a few bad apples prevent you from calling SLB Printing for your Same Day Printing needs.

The reality of Same Day Printing services at SLB Printing means that your job could be accepted, proofed, printed and finished all in one day.  It’s also realistic to say that not every job can be handled this quickly.  There are cut off times, press ready file standards and quantities that all play a part in the reality of Same Day Printing.  Overall, short run, same day printing is something we know we excel at. SLB Printing in Los Angeles  would very much like the opportunity to prove it to you.

Same Day Printing Job Examples

Here are some examples of the types of jobs we can do for you with a Same Day Printing result:

Movie Posters, usually 27” x 40” or smaller but we can print up to 59” wide.  Need a dozen, no problem!

Booklets, need 50 or 100 saddle stitched 24 page booklets?  We can do that!

Labels for your new edible or cosmetic product?  Custom contour shape? 500 or more is really a reality!

How about a mini Step and Repeat for that grand opening or big party?  We can provide one up to 59” wide by 78” tall!

Postcards, 5” x 7” or 4” x 6” club cards.  Need 500?  How about 2000?  Easy!

Proposals, 90 pages, coil bound.  Need 50 or more?  We’ve done that too!

If you have a press ready file, the possibility of completing your job by 5 p.m. is very high as long as we have your soft proof approval and payment all handled by 10 a.m. in the morning.  After that, we may have to juggle around our production schedule to accommodate your needs. It all starts with a phone call & email with your files.  Just call and ask what we can do for you.  Remember, we’re the company that knows how to Get It Done and is widely referred to in on-line reviews as the printer who really does print miracles!  Let SLB Printing prove to you that Same day printing can be a reality when you come to us.

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