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Non-Profit Printing and the Charities We Support

Community involvement has always been a priority at SLB Printing.  That’s why we do things like provide, at reduced or no cost, printing services for several charities and non-profit organizations that have touched our hearts.  The list is by no means extensive, but we aren’t the largest printing company around either.  We do what we can and hope to lead by example for the betterment of our community and the world we live in.  Our staff enjoys getting involved and feels the satisfaction too.

For charities and non-profit organizations, print materials can be the lifeblood needed to reach donors, raise funds and generate awareness for their organization.  All printing companies have come to know this.  But it’s up to the moral and charitable desire of the owner to decide if making a difference by providing something, anything, for free or at reduced costs to non-profits can be a meaningful endeavor.  

SLB Printing has chosen to offer a variety of print solutions to nonprofits, ranging from appeal mailings to color brochures, posters and pop-up tents that are great for many different kinds of indoor or outdoor events.  There is a different type of fun and rewarding feeling that comes from knowing that SLB Printing is helping to make a difference when we are able to provide non-profit printing for friends at reduced or no cost.  This is the choice that we have made.

Some of the Non-Profit Organizations SLB Printing Supports

If you feel so inclined, please visit any of the non-profit sites below to get involved or to make a donation yourself knowing that they are all SLB Printing approved!

Concern Foundation: www.concernfoundation.org  Help find a cure for cancer.

Temple Knesset Israel: https://www.templeki.org/  Since 2916 serving the needs of the Los Feliz neighborhood.

Project Chicken Soup: https://www.projectchickensoup.org/ Delivering free Kosher meals to HIV/AIDs and cancer patients all around Los Angeles.

Cambodian Children’s Fund: https://www.cambodianchildrensfund.org/  Transforming today’s impoverished kids into tomorrow’s leaders.

The Center in Hollywood: http://thecenterinhollywood.org/  Help to end homelessness in our community

No Limits for Deaf Children: http://www.nolimitsfordeafchildren.org/ Another children’s organization doing amazing things!

South Robertson Neighborhood Council http://www.soronc.org/  Great organization working to improve the area where our store is located.

South Robertson Great Streets: http://soroblvd.com/   Working with www.soronc.org to help improve the business district.

Reynier Village: https://rvna.wordpress.com/ 

National Night Out: http://www.midcitywest.org/event/national-night-out-festival-35th-anniversary/

Melrose Action Committee:  https://melroseaction.org/  The hardest working neighborhood organization around!

Southern California Mini Maniacs: https://www.scmm.org/ Well, if you have to ask, it’s because I own one! Not to mention they support several other non-profits’ themselves.

Everyone feels the crunch from an overwhelming number of good civic causes and non-profit organizations.  I would like to believe that SLB Printing has done its fair share of free or low cost work for a number of these worthy causes and organizations over the past 35 years. 

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