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LookBooks for Film, Fashion, Home and Cosmetics

Lookbook Printing for the Fashion, Cosmetics, Film and Home Decor

SLB Printing has produced LookBooks for a variety of industries including film, fashion, home furnishings and cosmetics. A lookbook is an assemblage of pictures, organized to either display products or provide a visual story.  Different industries will collect and display their photographs based on their own unique needs.  While the fashion designer is showing their buyers the latest offerings, the film maker is creating something more like a storyboard to convey their vision to be used as a reference. The home furnishings user is creating an atmosphere for living space.  While the music and talent industry even use lookbooks to build interest in touring ideas for numerous singers, comedians and bands.

Lookbooks Have Plenty of Size Options

What’s really great is that there are no limits to how these lookbooks can be designed.  Some of our clients have come to love the 11” x 17” landscape layout.  We bind with Wire-O so these massive books lay flat when opened to the full 34” wide viewing area. It’s also possible to go even larger to 13″ x 19″ with the right art file. Imagine your product or ideas spread across 2 pages that total 38″ wide.  There are tons of other sizes and several binding options including perfect bind, coil and saddle stitching.  We’d love to post some pictures of our work, but we can’t for privacy reasons.  But, you can always come into the store and see samples of work we’ve done for people named Drew, Joan and Ellen.  Once you see the lookbooks we’ve done and who they’re for, you’ll know why we can’t share those images here!

Fashion Season Means it’s Time for Fashion Lookbooks

Once the design for your lookbook is complete and you have your press-ready pdf files, we can take it from there.  Now is the time to get those projects into our hands before the fashion season and spring events go into full swing.  Short run lookbooks can be ready in as little as 1 or 2 workdays. But special requests may take longer.  So do not delay and start planning that lookbook project today.

For more information on this product, please check out our products web pages for booklets, catalogs, brochures and lookbooks.

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