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Landscape Perfect Bound Catalogs up to 13” wide.

Landscape Perfect Bound Catalogs up to 13” wide.

Short run Landscape Perfect Bound Catalog printing comes to SLB Printing!  OK so big deal, right?  YES IT IS because this means YOU can now enjoy short run lengths (as few as 2) for our landscape orientation or square shape catalogs. We also now offer a wider selection of specialty cover stocks including kraft and other dark color papers. These short run jobs can be completed in as little as 3 work days.  Oh, and BTW, did I mention we can print the dark colored papers with white ink on our new CMYK + white digital press?

Why a 28″ long sheet is needed for Landscape Perfect Binding

The appeal of landscape orientation catalog printing has grown over the years. However, limited sheet lengths of 19” on digital presses meant that a conventional offset press would be needed. Unfortunately, with the minimum run of 500 or more.  This is because an 11” landscape book requires a 25” long sheet. This puts the job out of reach for digital presses with 19” maximum sheet lengths.  NOT ANYMORE! SLB Printing has ended the madness by installing a digital press capable of printing a sheet length up to 52” long!  This easily makes a short run of 13” wide landscape catalogs a reality.  28” long paper is all that’s required for a 13” wide landscape catalog.

Landscape perfect bound short run options from SLB Printing in Los Angeles

The volume of calls asking us to add this service to our short run offerings has dramatically increased this year. So, we decided that now is the time to make the addition to our digital press line up. Prior to now, we have only offered landscape printing on longer runs of 500 or more books.  But as of now, that’s all changed with our new machine. Short runs that are as few as 2 copies can now be achieved with 3 work day production time.

What is a Landscape Booklet?

What is a landscape booklet?  A landscape booklet or catalog is bound on the short end making the width longer than the height.  Designers like this format because it provides more viewing area when the catalog is open.  We do not recommend crossovers for perfect binding, but it’s not unheard of.  Being able to view 2 pages full of graphics at 26” wide is truly unique and impressive.  Come by our store and see for yourself what landscape perfect bound catalogs can do to enhance your product.

Visit our Catalog Printing page for more information on Perfect Binding landscape or square books. When it comes to 5 STAR reviews, we have a pretty good reputation for getting the job done too. Check us out on Google to see what everyone says about our service.

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