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Free Printing for My Local National Night Out Event in W. Hollywood

Free Printing for my local National Night Out Event

Community involvement has always been a priority at SLB Printing.  That’s why we do things like provide, at no cost, the mini-posters for National Night Out event at my local Poinsettia Park.  We’ve been thanked and recognized for doing this with Certificates of Appreciation by Councilman Koretz so many times we’re running out of space on our walls.  The point is, it’s important for EVERYONE to get out and show support for your local police and meet your neighbors (and thank Peter from Melrose Action Committee too).  If you live near Poinsettia Park in W. Hollywood, come and join us on August 7th  2018 between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.  You can even grab a free tree from City Plants and a Free dog from Pink’s (while they last) along with a bunch more free swag from the local vendors!

National Night Out at Poinsettia Park in West Hollywood

National Night Out is the event to make your voice heard

Everyone feels the crunch from an overwhelming number of good civic causes and non-profit organizations.  I would like to believe that SLB Printing has done its fair share of free or low cost work for a number of these worthy causes and organizations over the past 34 years.  Without a doubt, National Night Out is one of those events that I feel needs to get more attention.  It’s the place where you can actually go and talk face to face with your Councilman, local police captain, emergency responders and others that can help make a difference in your neighborhood. Because of this fact you should consider making the time to go.

It’s all too easy to complain about everything that’s wrong with your friends and family.  Maybe you’ll even have a discussion with the neighbor next door.  How’s that working for you? When you attend National Night Out is the only time you can talk to everyone at the same time and make your voice heard.  At the very least, you’ll get a quick answer on how to deal with any issue that’s been in need of some attention.

So get out there, take a little walk to the park and enjoy National Night Out this year!

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