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It's CONCERT SEASON! Do you need SAME DAY PRINTING for your Pull Up Banners and Laminated Event Badges?? Retractable pull up banners in the store with press ready files by 10 a.m. can be completed the SAME DAY! Laminated Event Badges made in 1 work day!

SLB Printing – Your SoRo (South Robertson Blvd) Neighborhood Printer

Being a well-established business that began in 1984, SLB Printing relocated to SoRo (South Robertson Neighborhood) in November of 2012.  Since that time, we have seen the improvements that the SORO Neighborhood Council has worked very long and hard to accomplish.  I’d also like to think that SLB Printing has helped too.  Elevating the appearance with fresh paint, cleaned up windows, trimmed trees and quick graffiti removal I feel we have brightened our section of South Robertson and have helped to attract new, upscale businesses to the area too.  A quick look up and down Robertson now shows new businesses that include Pilates on Robertson, UnderGrind Cafe, LetterPress Chocolate, Wonder Kids World and Hang Steady Frame and Design.

But what exactly is SLB Printing?  We’re not a Kinko’s or Staples copy center although we certainly handle all the small jobs that those business do.  We’re not a web to print on-line print shop like Vista Print either – we answer the phone with a live voice all day, every day, during business hours.  I’d like to say that SLB Printing is a vastly superior print shop in the methods we use to provide a broad range of products to our clients, both large and small.  We cater to the “just in time” manufacturing needs of individuals and corporations of any size.

SORO Printing Facility:

If you walk into our store for a self-service copy, we have that available to you. If you’re a large national company and need hundreds of manuals with fast turnaround, we have that ability too.  As the list of products and services in the column to the left shows, we do a lot of different types of jobs.  What you can’t see is that our little shop on South Robertson Blvd in SoRo has a National and International client list.  This doesn’t happen by accident.  It is the result of a commitment to quality and on-time performance that is written about in 5-star reviews that now number over 200 combined on Google and Yelp.

Do you need 100,000 three part forms?  We can do that.

Do you need 1,500 perfect bound training manuals with 80 pages?  We can do that too!

How about 100 posters, 18” x 24” printed for your bands Nation Wide tour?  YES

Retractable pull up banners produced in a day going into stadium and convention centers?  YES

How about 400 perfect bound show guides, in 3 days, 104 pages.  Get them to New York during the middle of the worst snow bomb cyclone the Country has ever seen?  YES

15,000 Newsletters for a non-profit, printed and mailed with appeal envelopes inside? YES

50 Saddle Stitched catalogs and lookbooks with 36 pages?  YES YES YES

And if all you need is 10 copies of your resume, feel free to drop in and use the self service machine to get that done in no time too.

Whether you need a self-service copy, a short-run print job or large-scale orders, SLB Printing can do the job.  While we are a local LA printer, our clients range from small, medium to large businesses that are local, out-of-state and even international.  Check out our online reviews!

So welcome to SoRo where SLB Printing along with a bunch of other great, small businesses know how to Get It Done!

South Robertson Great Streets Plan:

To learn more about the South Robertson Great Streets plan and grant, click on this link: http://www.soronc.org/programs/greatstreets

South Robertson Neighborhood Council:

To learn more about the South Robertson Neighborhood Council, you can visit their web site here: http://www.soronc.org/

SLB Printing has been a big supporter of the Great Streets plan and I hope we can see more improvements and more new small local business on South Robertson in the coming years.

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