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Hollywood Calls on SLB Printing for Production Printing Needs

When Hollywood calls on SLB Printing for production printing needs, it’s a fun and rewarding time to work in the store.  Even though the projects may not seem all that glamorous, we all know the caliber of client that we are working for.  This always brings a high level of pride to all our staff just knowing we’ve been trusted again and again with these short run, same day or next day printing orders.

Los Angeles based Television and Film Production Companies have called on us regardless if they are shooting in town or across the country in rural areas of the south or east coast.  SLB Printing has a long and proud history of printing for production companies in all the different theatrical industries.

Although we can’t name current projects, there are dozens, including some well know past movie names such as Men in Black, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Intolerable Cruelty and T.V. shows like Modern Family, Secret Life of the American Teenager and Earl that have been in the store. Companies working at all the major studies and production facilities including Sony, Disney, Universal, Paramount, The Lot, The Ranch and many more all over Santa Clarita, Burbank, Los Angeles, Culver City and Century City have all come to SLB Printing for their production printing needs.  We typically produce collateral including Purchase Orders for accounting, Business Cards for the Casting and Location Managers, buck cards for the Producers, labels and signs on foam core for the Production Managers and even some various types of props.  The set designers call with needs to print out the set designs and sometimes even the results cards that the hosts use to read off answers and winners names.  And lets not forget the ad agencies and writers working on story boards and 1-sheets with the most demanding or 1 hour rush requests.

For one of the most recent Oscar and Golden Globe nominated films, there were 1-sheets going to hotels and producers offices and story boards going to writers’ homes.  SLB Printing never missed a deadline and the film went on to win many awards.  But it’s not just the big boys we work for, there was the record producer on the East Coast who’s band was appearing on a late night talk show that needed a label for their drum skin and needed it in 2 hours.  SLB Printing delivered as usual.

The clients in Hollywood that have called us have come from every type of industry too.  Game Shows, Sit-Coms, Talk Shows, Drama, Motion Picture, Live Action, Anime, Comedy, Video and Music have all called, emailed or even walked into the store with impossible projects and have all left wondering what one of our clients many years ago said: “I just don’t understand, how you consistently, pull miracles our of your a * * ! ”

The reason for this success is easy for anyone who’s worked with us before to understand.  It’s not just that we claim to print miracles, we have the dedicated staff and equipment to produce jobs on time and within budget.  When Hollywood calls on SLB Printing for production printing needs, we deliver.  Call us at 310-558-4752 or email us at slbprinting@gmail.com and let us print a miracle for you today.

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