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*****CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS**** Monday 5-28-18 we will be closed for the long Memorial Day weekend. Have a GREAT 3 day weekend and we'll see you on Tuesday 5-29-18     PLASTIC MENUS! Replace your old, tattered, laminated menus with a durable, thick, waterproof PLASTIC MENU!     Need SAME DAY PRINTING for your poster? Short run poster jobs in the store with press ready files by 10 a.m. complete the SAME DAY!     PERFECT BINDING up to 2-1/4" wide is now available on short run digital print orders.

Helping Your Business Grow More Profitably

SLB Printing is very skilled at helping your business grow more profitably.  We accomplish this in a number of ways without taking shortcuts.  Our employees know they need to make each order they work on their top priority and that by always doing their best, it helps your business grow more profitably.

Just think about how each of the following is helping your business:

  1. Higher quality printing using the same or more advanced machines than our competitors
  2. Faster turn around times
  3. More evaluation during prepress
  4. Lower minimum quantities
  5. We overstaff so you don’t have to

Lets break the above list down a bit more.

1.  We spend hours fine tuning and calibrating our digital equipment in order to provide you with the best quality images.  This makes your message more vibrant, inviting and more appealing to buyers of your product in order to get them to make the purchase.

2. Faster turn around means you get what you need when you need it.  This helps you by reducing the time you could have WASTED sourcing out to less reliable vendors.  “Need it now?  Just ask!” is our motto.

3. When one of our prepress staff members look at your files, they are making sure your job will look as you intend it to be once it’s printed.  If they find a problem, they stop and email or call you to discuss what they have found.  This saves you from poor quality jobs that contain low resolution images or margins that have not been set up properly along with a variety of other items we look for that could make your job look less than perfect.  When’s the last time your “On-Line” printer called you to discuss a problem they found with the file.  At best, you can expect a polite letter rejecting your job and leaving it up to you to figure out how to fix it.

4. Lower minimum quantities means that you don’t need to order 1,000 copies when only 150 will do.  Our digital presses will handle your short run job, even if you only want 1 copy of that perfect bound book you need for your Kickstarter campaign.

5. We overstaff in order to make sure your jobs get done when you want them.  Again, this frees up the time you would spend stressing over where to go and “IF” the job will be ready on time.  It’s unbelievable how many times a new client calls us to ask for updates on their job because they’ve had such horrible experiences with other print providers.  It’s also comical to see how often we’re asked to have a job ready on Wednesday only to find out the client really didn’t need the job until Friday morning but just wanted to make sure the job would be ready for pick up on Thursday.  We get it.  It’s all about making sure you get what you need when you want it.

SLB Printing wants to understand your challenges and figure out how we can reduce the issues and eliminate the challenge.  Give  us a call to discuss your next project today. Helping your business grow more profitably is our job.  The skills of our staff and the high quality equipment we have available are the methods you can count on from SLB Printing.


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